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"I have dealt with [SteelEd] for many years since they started their business. Previously I had dealt with Trevor Woodward for 15 years.

A lot of what we need is last minute and of course always needed yesterday. I have never been let down and their workmanship is outstanding. Nothing is ever a problem and it's great when receive a invoice and it generally less than you expected.

There is no other business that we deal with that offers such great service and attention to detail. I can see why they are steadily growing and offering more solutions to so many businesses.

Their water cutting machine makes short work of what would have been slow and expensive engineering.

I would not hesitate in recommending both Matai and Trevor at SteelEd to any prospective client.

The word "legends" springs to mind when I think of these guys!"

Mike Lovell, Streamliner Group Ltd, 28th April 2015

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